✦ Colored sketch ✦
Simple colored sketch of your character with shading and highlights.
Headshot - $25
Mawshot - $35
Halfbody - $50
Fullbody - $90
Monochrome coloring -50% from the price
Each extra character will add +100% to the price

✦ Complex artwork ✦
Clean and colored lineart with complex soft shadows and highlights.
Headshot - $45
Mawshot - $55
Halfbody - $80
Fullbody - $130
Each extra character will add +100% to the price


I work without deadlines. Usually it takes from one week to 2 months to finish your commission.
Please do not ask me about the progress several times a week, I'm trying to draw as fast and perfectly as I can.
If you need commission to be done by a certain date let me know in advance!
The deadline for completing a commission is counted from the date of payment.
Payment happens after agreement on set sketch. I am not getting payment ahead.
Payment is upfront through paypal Boosty.
While doing your commission, I will send you screenshots on the each step of work and continue working on it after approval.
You may not use my artwork for commercial purposes or use it on other websites without linking the original source. Copying, tracing, as well as stealing my characters and adopts/designs are also not allowed.
If for some reason the order is cancelled on the sketch without payment, I have full rights to redo the sketch and use it for commercial purposes.
I WILL draw:
• Ponies, humans, mythical creatures, furries
• Blood, violence, guro and gore
• Vore, I draw it pretty often
• Fandoms, canon and fanon characters
• Ships (Except for illegal ones)
• R34
The exact price is always negotiated personally and depends on the complexity of the background / characters / idea, species of the characters (for example, fullbody commission of a pony will be cheaper than an anthro), and so on.I'm always glad to know some information about your characters! Feel free to tell me about their personality, hobbies and other important things if there are any.